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    Xicepta Sciences is a specialty manufacturer of advanced and scientific supplements designed for physical and mental health including for sports and fitness, pain and weight management, neuro-defense and mental enhancers, among other

    Advantage of Private Label

    Private label means we will design a product related to your industry or business with your own brand and business name on the label. Private label can help enhance your brand and solidify your position in the industry as well as increase your profit margin.

  • Xicepta’s Edge

    Why choose Xicepta? Our products are formulated by an MD and Molecular Biologist specializing in molecular, biosimilar, and other natural supplementation with no side effects or toxicity. Xicepta uses only well researched ingredients that are natural or biosimilar and (are bioactive) to ensure that the products work as designed and without toxicity.

    Product Line

    We can design and formulate scientifically advanced, molecular and all -natural supplements for: Health and wellness 

    ● Anti-Aging

     ● Sports and fitness 

    ● Joints 

    ● Brain health 

    ● Women’s health

    ● Pain management 

    ● Weight management 

    ● Glucose management 

    ● Products with CBD 

    ● Sleep aids 

    ● Natural mental enhancers 

    ● Any product you would like us to design for you

    Sports and Fitness

     Xicepta is proud to offer elite sports and fitness products designed with only the best ingredients and quality manufacturing process. Our sports and fitness products are safe to use by Olympians, top athletes and every day consumers. Our sports nutrition products appeal to premier athletes as well as conventional consumers. We can design products for preworkout, muscles mass, performance, and recovery.

  • Our Services

    Custom Formulation

    Our boutique-style private label services allows clients to add to and enhance their brand with quality products that will help their consumers while improving profit margin. Each ingredient we compound have been proven through third party studies and many years of productive use.


    Our in-house research scientists take time to analyze and validate the ingredients that goes into each product. Our edge over others is that our formulator is a medical scientist and molecular biologist whose expertise is exclusive to natural and biosimilar molecules and Amino Acids.

    Our Advanced Active Ingredient

    We have acquired exclusivity to the embryonic peptide extracted from chicken egg embryo that contains the factors of life and microRNA. We have in our hands perhaps the world’s best anti-oxidant, anti-aging and regenerative products. The advanced science of embryonic technology has been discovered over thirty years ago but was not shared to the world fully by choice of its creator, an award-winning European medical scientist,

    Let’s move forward

    We can get started immediately in conceiving your product and giving it life. Our expert formulator is dedicated to helping you produce an efficacious products that will satisfy you and your consumers.

    Call Xicepta at 650-771-7676 or send us a message!

  • Our Science

    Our Ingredient -- miRNA Rich Embryonic Peptide

    Xicepta Sciences uses biosimilar and bioactive Embryonic Peptide derived from laboratory-grade chicken embryos extracted from partially incubated hen eggs. Scientific research has proven that eggs are excellent source of biologically active peptides which have been long used for therapeutic purposes because of their ability to induce repair and renewal of cells. The study of chicken eggs embryo goes back to Hippocratic time in 460 B.C. which Aristotle expanded. Aristotle’s studies influenced the science of embryology which current scientists have carried on.


    Research shows that Embryo tissues are rich in growth factors and a more research conducted proved that chicken egg embryos have a catalog of microRNAs which play an important role in cell differentiation and in gene expression.Scientific research shows that the chicken embryo contains growth factors, i.e., Activin, Follistatin, Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha (TNF-alpha), Neurotrophin-3(NT-3), Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor (BDNF), Ciliary Neurotropic Factor (CNTF), Fibroblast Growth Factor family (FGF), Transforming Growth Factors Beta-1(TGF-beta1), and Insulin Growth Factors family (IGF). These growth factors act as bio-signaling molecules.


    The embryonic peptide are quickly and easily assimilated and transported into the body to their specific receptor sites.

    The technology of the embryonic extract enables the peptides to pass intact through the gut and into the blood stream and are introduced in the system through pinocytosis --the process of actively transporting molecules in the cell (cell drinking). They help bring balance to the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis. This assists the entire endocrine system in achieving homeostasis and efficient operation. The normalized endocrine system secretes hormones at optimum levels resulting in improved cellular signaling. Improved cellular signaling results in cellular rejuvenation and ultimately translates to optimal health longevity and restoration of youthful vitality to the body. 

    Roles of the Growth Factors

    GF family activity tends to maximize when harvested aseptically from the embryo. IGF-II, and IGF-binding proteins in the chicken embryo have been proven in scientific studies. IGF “axis” are proteins which are part of a complex system that promotes cell proliferation and prevents cell death (apoptosis). Research studies have shown that IGF-1 expression is necessary for achieving maximal growth while IGF-2 is required for early development as well as in ensuring that organs such as the brain, liver, and kidney function properly. Studies also show that the Insulin/IGF axis may have an important role in the aging process. Recent study shows that low insulin accounts for longevity and delays the aging process. 


    TGF stimulates the growth of normal cells. TGF-A stimulates the growth of cells that line the inside of blood vessels while TGF-B found in blood-forming tissue initiates a signaling pathway that according to scientific studies suppresses tumor development. 

    NGF is a molecule that promotes the survival and differentiation of sensory neurons. Among other roles, NGF has repair functions and protects the integrity of the brain cells.

    EGF is a type of protein that triggers mitosis or cell division. EGF plays an important role in the growth, proliferation and differentiation of numerous cell types. Impairment of this gene has been associated with the growth and progression of certain cancers. EGF also promotes the repair of epidermal skin and helps in delaying the signs of aging.

    CTF is important in many biological processes including cell proliferation, skeletal development and tissue wound repair. Study shows that a state of reduced CTF accounts for inflammation, joint diseases and tissue injury. 

    MicroRNAs in the Embryonic Peptides

    The embryonic peptides are also rich in microRNAs (miRNAS). According to research, miRNAs have multiple roles in many biological processes. Recent studies on the role of miRNAs in cell reprogramming and therapeutic strategies may explain the benefits derived from chicken egg embryonic extract specifically with Xicepta’s products.


    In the last decade, miRNAs has been the subject of research including clinical trials for new diagnostic and therapeutic opportunities. Several studies were able to identify cancer-type diseases in which miRNA target binding sites and mirRNAs processing machinery in tumor cells were altered or globally decreased. Along with this finding is the significance of miRNA family that silences anti- metastatic miRNAs and miRNAs that are over-expressed.


    MicroRNA (miRNA) are single-stranded non-coding RNA polynucleutides that control gene expression. They participate in cellular processes such as proliferation, differentiation, metabolism, and gene cluster silencing. Studies show that miRNAs can act as tumor suppressors; however, their loss of function could transform a normal cell into a malignant cell. Such loss of function could be credited to factors such as deletion, mutation, silencing or alteration of miRNA processes.


    Other studies have found that auto-immune disorders or diseases centering the central nervous systems are caused by either overexpression, underexpression, or mutation of microRNAs. The introduction of healthy and biosimilar microRNAs appear to effectively interferes and interacts with defective microRNAs in the body thereby producing positive results.

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